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Tadacip (Tadalafil)

Tadacip represents a real analogue of Cialis – the original medical preparation, used by men to treat erectile dysfunction. Qualitative indicators of Tadacip, its effectiveness, the concentration of the active substance, method of use, and other aspects are absolutely analogous to Cialis. Active substance as the original, so and generic is Tadalafil.

What is Tadalafil? Tadalafil is a synthetic substance that increases the natural way the blood flow to male sex organ and it is in the immediate filling of the penis with blood causes the male natural penis. Tadacip is the leader among similar drugs for the duration of the time Tadacip activity is up to 36 hours. Any of known preparations for treatment of erectile dysfunction does not cause such an effect.

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The Advantages of Tadacip:

- The time of the action of the drug is 36-48 hours
- The drug passed the tests and was approved by the FDA
- Affordable price, which is significantly lower than the analogue of Cialis
- The drug is a brand of the company Cipla

The mechanism of action of Tadacip

The product is aimed at relaxation of the smooth muscles of blood vessels of the penis, as a result of which there is an increase in flow of blood to the penis. This condition allows you to increase the function of the penis. Duration of action of the preparation is equal to 36 hours. The action of the drug occurs only as a consequence of natural sexual arousal.

Application and dosage

Each tablet of the drug is 20 mg; it should be taken 20-30 minutes before planned sexual intercourse. The action of the drug lasts up to 36 hours; it is inadmissible to use Tadacip more than 1 times a day.

Indications to application

Tadacip is a medicine commonly used to eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men. Very often there is such situation, that the men after the transfer of one failure in sex, acquire a lack of confidence in their own forces, as a result the problem goes to the functional level. The drug is able to return the man’s confidence!

Interaction with other drugs

If you take some medicines, you should consult with a physician for the purpose of their interaction with tadacip. It is strictly forbidden to take medicine together nitrate containing drugs. Just unacceptable is the use of the drug in combination with other means to improve the potency.


- Hypersensitivity to Tadalafil, as well as to other components included in the preparation composition
- Parallel reception tadacip and medicines containing nitrates
- Persons who are younger than 18 years
- With care it is worth to take the drugs to persons suffering from kidney and liver pathology

The side effects of

Of the side effects most often there may be headache, dyspeptically phenomenon. In most cases, side effects from taking tadacip, may be of a minor nature of weak intensity. In case of prolonged use of the drug all the side effects are reduced.

In addition, there may be pain in the back, myalgia, the phenomenon of nasal congestion, a sense of blood flow to skin of the face. In extremely rare situations, there may be pain in the eyes, edematous eyelids and dizziness.

Efficacy and safety of taking the drug Tadacip

The drug is considered as highly effective in the fight with erectile dysfunction, it can be used by men of all ages. It is worth remembering about the temporary effect of the drug.


Tadacip – the drug, which has no age limit for their reception, which is achieved thanks to the natural reactions, emerging on the background of the action of the active substance, which is included in the product. In the event of discontinuing the medication, in men is not observed deterioration of the natural ability of the penis.

The drug has no effect on the level of the testosterone, as well as on the ability of sperm for fertilization. Tadacip has no effect on blood vessels of the brain, skeletal muscle, does not affect the operation of cardiac muscle, as well as. It does not change the color perception. The preparation can be used as a permanent means to combat erectile dysfunction.

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